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Australian Outback. Billabong. Desert
Mt Wood. Redscape 14.
oil on canvas
h102 x 94 cm.

REDSCAPE: This is a series of 17 studio paintings produced from sketches and photographs made during two weeks travelling and camping out in the far West of New South Wales. The Silver City Highway runs in a fairly straight line from Broken Hill to Tibooburra, where it fades into ‘The Jump Ups’; arid mesa rising from gibber plains. Mt Wood is a vast mound of stones. Here is a real‘ Terra Nullius’, its ancient inhabitants conspicuous by their absence, their nomadic hunter gathering extinguished, even here, by relentless fencing.
Here is the skeleton of Earth, the bones beneath the thinnest skin. But still there is life; the ancient people gone, but the birds and animals they knew still here. There are kangaroo and birds hidden in this painting. The painting is developed from the charcoal sketch, made on site. This painting is another of the works 'lost' from a Sydney exhibition in 2008, whereabouts unknown.