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Uncanny Valley. Sydney Fringe Festival 2011
Uncanny Valley
oil on canvas
h110 x 115 cm.

Painted for 5th Annual Google exhibition at Hardware Gallery as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2011.
25 artists google same phrase, same day, same time, respond to result.
The phrase in this instance is ‘Uncanny Valley’.
I followed the link to a scientific journal definition as a term used in robotics to describe the unsettling response we have to a figure which appears to be one of our species, but is not quite right. Apparently we share this response with other primates. This painting, as well as being a direct reflection on the subject as given, is also a reflection on ‘googling’. Almost any inquiry will produce an almost infinite number of responses, their relative relevance to the original query ranging from direct, to so tenuous that it is close to random; a multi-faceted fly’s eye perspective.