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public art for hospital. Story in pictures.
The Rain, the River & the Sea
3 x (h60 x 62 cms.)

The Rain, the River, and the Sea. oil on canvas 3 x ( h60 x 62 cms ) 2004

This was a work commissioned by the all female staff of a public hospital surgery ward., from some money they had pooled between them. Location was the main ward corridor. They wanted something that would brighten the ward, brighten their harrowing daily work routine, by reference to something outside of it, but still relevant to them. They showed me the tiny space that was their only respite from their stark work environment, where they could make themselves a hot drink, and look at their notice-board pin-ups of David Beckham!
I came up with these narrative panels.
The Rain for growth and renewal, with a scarlet passionflower, for the work these people do every day.
The River for life, by which we are all carried along. Here it is clear and clean and fast.
The Sea’s open arms, a wide horizon and a small fast boat in full sail over shoal and bar, with a team to steer her onward!

Also hidden from casual view amongst the landscape are a few glimpses of male figures…...not unlike David Beckham’s !