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Cowboy sexuality
Big Trouble at the OK Corral
oil on canvas
h70 x 60 cm.

…….'Brent woke with a start from a troubled dream, but there was only the distant call of a coyote, the horses quietly cropping the dew-wet grass. The last stars were fading over the great milky blueness of the valley below.
Down there was the OK Corral.
They would be home in 3 days at most.
And down there too would be that rattlesnake Jeb Tyson, and the rest of his gang.
Brent felt the muscles in his belly tighten at the thought of what the coming days might bring; but then young Will shifted in his sleep, and nuzzled against him under the blankets. Just for a little while he would allow himself the luxury of a world of quiet sounds, a young man breathing, tousled hair that smelled of wood smoke……….