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Howard Government. Race Riot Sydney 2007
'We Decide Who Comes'
oil on canvas

Cronulla Beach, Summer 2007. White Anglo Australia gives a loud and public demonstration of it’s ugly, drunk, belligerent, ignorant, flag draped worst.
But can the perpetrators be held entirely culpable when they are reiterating what had already been voiced in more subtle terms as an acceptable attitude by a political ‘leadership’, or for what was enshrined in racist policy until quite recently?

When this painting was included at an exhibition at the Brenda May Gallery, Sydney in 2007, I received a very angry email from a lady who thought I had glorified the event! This rather reinforces my suspicion that people who attend art gallery openings do not necessarily look with a great deal of attention at the work!
I make no claim to be a portrait artist, but I thought some of the subject faces might have looked familiar with a little scrutiny !
However, as many are no longer very public figures, and many having retired or taken up lucrative rewards for their service elsewhere, I should point out that some viewers have found the likeness of Alexander Downer, Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott, John Howard, Phillip Ruddock and Amanda Vanstone among the mob.....
…...which of course is entirely coincidental...there in spirit perhaps.
Now of course we have a different government…..but to the disappointment of many of us, not very…… plus ça change….