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'Miracle Posts of Coogee'
'Miracle Posts of Coogee'
oil on canvas
6 x (30 x 35cm)

Intrigued by tabloid media frenzy regarding a miraculous vision of the Holy Virgin which had appeared on a fence post above Coogee Beach in Sydney, I decided belatedly to investigate.
It wasn’t hard to find the place; a little patch of grass dug out and a couple of planted exotic lilies struggling to survive in the sand. There were a few artificial flowers, rosary beads and some laminated pictures of Mary’s apparent likeness.
However on the post I could see nothing, or quite how the vision was to appear, or for that matter to what purpose Mary might reveal herself on a fence post.
I lost interest, and wandered off along the cliff paths, and sat in the sun.
Then I noticed that on a nearby post were gently moving shadows, and among them was the profile of a face, looking remarkably like that of the elderly Charles Darwin.
I subsequently found that many of the nearby posts held glimpses of mysterious figures in peeling paint, rust and shadow.
Fortunately, in the pockets of my cargo shorts I happened to have 6 primed canvases, oil paints and brushes, and was able to spend several hours quickly painting the phenomena.

It’s a miracle!
Originally painted as 5 panels in 2009, it was revised and a 6th panel added in 2011. This painting was submitted for the Waverly Art Prize in 2011, but was rejected from exhibition by the Judge, Artist Anne Thompson!