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can serve several purposes.
We are conditioned by our literacy to relate consecutive images of something as narrative.
With multiple components the structure of the total work on a wall is never final and fixed, but can be changed at the discretion of the viewer/curator.
Nothing we see is really quite the same thing seen again, even a few seconds later.
We feel comfortable with absolutes and opposites; black/white, male/female, good/bad...and don’t mess with Mr In-between….or we may have to think about it…...But in between is where we live; nothing is fixed, all is change and flux, at one speed or another.

Multiple Image. Clouds, Weather.
oil on canvas
12 x (34 x 34 cm)
4 x (h46 x 51cm)
'Miracle Posts of Coogee'
oil on canvas
6 x (30 x 35cm)
Uncanny Valley. Sydney Fringe Festival 2011
oil on canvas
h110 x 115 cm.